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Serpent - Ireland Thrash Metal

Founded in late 2011 by old friends David Purvis, Oran McGuckin and Charlie Farrell. After other bands didn't work out that we were in, we decided to form a band together. After trying out members such as Gareth Dobbin and Josh Walls and that not working out we kept the search going for a Guitar Player and Singer. In September of 2011 Oran joined Armagh Tech to do Music Technology where he met Graham McKinstry. Graham straight away told Oran he played guitar and that if we needa a guitar player he would be on for it. After hearing Graham play Oran had to get on to the rest of the guys. So we got Graham over for a Jam..

Straight away he knew we needed him after he ripped the shit outta Thrasher by Evile and he caught onto our pre existing riffs. We got practicing and now we're building our live set up more and more. After a few months in the band David decided he was going to leave the band due to personal reasons. As a result we needed a guitar player, whilst we searched Davi…

Recidivist - Malaysia Death Metal

Recidivistwasformedin late2000atShahAlam, Selangor. In theearlyCrossing, for hirekeeponjammingandpracticeuntilRecidivistfindthat'sare solely formusicdirectionwasmoreintopureold schoolDeath-Thrash that'sBeinginfluencedbyUnleashed, Six Feet Under, Obituary, Benediction, Sepultura, WARPATH(Germany) and moreintopuremetalgenre. Thespiritof thisbandismoretofriendshipnessinMetalMusicandforProTalent (Intention formusiconly andnotjustintoperforminggigs).

AfterfacesmanylineupchangesandgetInvolvedintomanylineupproblems,Recidivistisnowworkingonnewtracksandare solely forPreparingforthe materialare solely forthat'snextscheduledtobereleasesoon. Recidivistthis timeappearingtheonlyoriginallineup-WarmachineonGuitarsandVocals, withnewentriesofEntombedonBass, DrumsandBrootalizeonAcidkilleronGuitars(Sessionist).

Residivist releases, PersistentOffender(2004demo), PeacefulOf Doom(2008EP), PrefabricatedMachine(2010single), PrefabricatedMachine (2013 minialbum)andPoserMutation(2013mini-album)


Virgin Killer Female Heavy Metal From Colombia

VirginKillerwasformedin2006 ...

OriginallyformedbyShirleyLopezandAngelaGarcia,withthesupportandexperiencefromIgorTroncoso(musicianandformermember of thethrashmetal bandSkull)

Angela andShirleybegunto fittheGuitarsof thesongs"Heavy Metal" and "Killer" but theprojectwas onstandbyBecauseof thefactof noHavingthe completeline-up, that'swhytheoriginalpurposewas abandformedExclusivelybyFemales.

Auditionsfor a whileYogyakartaTmade ​​inaquestto findtheothermembersfor theband, this searchwas quitedifficultfindgirlswithinterestinplayheavy metalmusicwas noeasytaskinAdditiongirlswith goodmusicallevelanddiscernmentare alsohard to find. On Juneof2010, thephotographs shownare solely forVirginKillerdebutwith thislineup, Liseth(vocals), AngelaGarciaandShirleyLopez(Guitars), PatriciaPrado(bass), andPosho(drums).
On thenextyearsthebandPRETTYshowson localbarsin the cityofCali,(citythat'ssawthebandborn) andalsos tourismcities inColombia, sharingstagewithbandslike, DoroPesh, and theIr…

DESTINY, Vietnam Gothic Metal

ENGLISH - Destiny is a rock band from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, Destiny isaGothic/Christian/Alternative Rock band with female vocal, recently destiny publish first single album, debut called "You've got me hypnotized". tointroduce Destiny Sounds, band membersThi - vocal,Khoa - keyboard,Luu - guitar,Fang - bass and Kim - drums, Destiny still preparing to recording for next released soon.!!!
MALAY -  Destinyadalah sebuah bandrockdari HoChiMinh,Vietnam,Destinyadalah sebuah bandGothic/ Kristian/AlternatifRock dengan vokalwanita,baru-baru inimenyiarkanalbumsinglepertama destiny , debut dipanggil "You've got me hypnotized". memperkenalkanhasil bunyiDestiny,ahli-ahli bandterdiri dari Thi-vokal,Khoa-keyboard,Luu-gitar,Fang -bass danKim -drum,Destinymasihdi dalamrakaman untukseterusnyaakan dikeluarkan tidak lama lagi.!

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Antonello Giliberto Italian Guitar Hero

Mark Varney (Legato Records) has written of him:"Wow! Makes my fingers feel arthritic!" Antonello

Collaborations: Onde Ran (Doors Tribute), Proxima Chorda (rock-pop band) ; Zarathustra (songwriter band). He is continuously engaged in live concerts with the "Flowers' Grandsons", his rock band, which generally makes more than 100 concerts a year all over South Italy. Since July 2011 he collaborates also with the band Blue Train, in which he plays rockabilly throughout South Italy. On 17 December 2011 he has successfully achieved the diploma level 3 fusion guitar, the Guitar Academy, examined by one of the best Italian jazz musicians: Antonio Tosques.

On 26 April 2013 he released his first solo: "The Mansion of Lost Souls."

The CD is heavy, very dark and influenced by classical music, with a mix of strong melodies and ferocious metal riffs! "The Mansion of Lost Souls" is home of 12 tracks full of guitar abuse!
Giliberto was born in Siracusa…

Metal Blaster Announce New Media Partner With VladPromotion (Poland)

Metal Blaster New Media Partner With VladPromotion From Poland. VladPromotion as PR & Management Agency base in Poland, VladPromotionthatthemastermindisVladNowajczyk. releasinga lot ofbandsaround the world,old Band and newBand.. Metal Blasternowhaveto work together topromote, the bandinAsiaandaround the world.VladPromotionbandunder VladPromotion,  like the.. Abductum, Assassin( Germany Legend Thrash Metal ), Kaosmos,Sanity's Rage,Roarback, Rusted Brain,  Iron Kingdom, HI-GH, Woslom, Kuazar,Eternal Judgement, Metal , Final Curse, Valpurgis Night, DAM(British Legend Thrash/Power Metal) And Terrifier. Vlad Nowajczyk is alsoan editorat theHARDROCKER Magazine.