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Tunjukkan catatan dari Oktober, 2013

Garuda Force - Indonesian Neo classical Speed ​​Metal

Forerunner established in 1998 under the name Mels Band who always follow some competition and event-based rock music .Around 2004 with Toto members ( Vocals ) , Jay ( Lead Guitar ) , Irfan ( Bass ) , Badr ( Drums ) and ) faithful rendition - rhythmic songs such as POWER METAL Speed ​​Metal , Helloween , Yngwie Malmsteen and his kind .After Irfan decided to come out in 2006 because of moving domicile , Mels had vacuum to 2008 . And in 2009 the band decided to change its name to EAGLES FORCE with new vocalist is Kavit . And here also changed the position of vocalist Toto became Bassist .No need to think long , the band immediately began trying to make arrangements of their old songs and creating a few songs and also follow a few events that were around Greater Jakarta .But because of busy work and some things , vocal and drum positions changed back to its present Regi Weking ( vocals ) and Additional drum ( Edo Gawa ) , and immediately prepared to continue the mission for some…

Deathknell melodic death metal from India

DEATHKNELL is a heavy metal / classic rock band originated from the streets of Shimla....Inspired by various different metal,rock iconic figures makes their music much more versatile n gives them a wide range of thoughts processed down in their compositions...The band mainly consists of four members who have a very definite role in the band....If you are looking for some cool guitar riffs, long extended soulful solos here's the guitarist for you who loves to show off his playing giving all that the song demands for...On the rythm guitar is the x drummer of the same band who shifted to the guitar because of his guitar n vocal talent n creating a possibilty of a forth member to come in n complete the band ( as it was a THREE PIECE band before )... The bassist of the band has a very likeable n crazy stage presence making a wild connection n relation with the audience...lately a forth member was added to the band who's is now doing the drums for the band...The band …

Chosen Progressive Heavy Metal from Malaysia

CHOSEN was born back in the 1998 here in Kuala Lumpur. Begin with Rahish(Guiarist) and Amgreg(Vocal/Keyboardist) as the founder of the band. Chosen have steadily achieved a startlingly sublime synthesis of soaring and MYSTICAL melody(JAVA music), progressive instrumentation and aggressive heaviness unrivaled within PROGRESSIVE HEAVY METAL. 

With the calibrations of the original line up, Rahish(Guitarist), Amgreg(Vocalist/Keyboardist), Jamm(Bassist), Mel(Drummer),& SNEQ(Keyboardist) they came out with their 1st album entittle 'PRAY AND OBEY' in 2000.The music was influence by RUSH, MANOWAR, and MERCYFUL FATE. CHOSEN's empire spread through out the whole ASIA (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan) and also EUROPE (German, Russia, Brazil). 1st ALBUM-pray and obey-(2000) 2nd ALBUM-batter late than ever-(2013)

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