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RIOT change of name to RIOT V and New Singer Announced

RIOT's classic "Thundersteel" and "Privilege Of Power" lineup reunited in 2009 and delivered a critically acclaimed album, "Immortal Soul", via major metal heavyweights SPV/ Steamhammer and Avalon/ Marquee. A successful tour with performances on the prestigious 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise and appearances at Sweden Rock and Metalway festivals solidified RIOT's long-sought-after return a success, but success doesn't come without tragedy.

The band's journey has never been easy, with personnel changes and the untimely deaths of frontmen Guy Speranza, Rhett Forrester as well as the passing of long-time founding guitarist Mark Reale who finally lost his lifelong battle with Crohn's disease early last year, and with Tony Moore battling his own demons and health issues, RIOT, like Johnny, are back again!

Through the storm of life's obstacles, Mike Flyntz, Bobby Jarzombek and Don Van Stavern are joined by powerhouse vocalist extraordinaire …

For I Am King - Metal Female fronted from Amsterdam

For I Am King is:
Five-piece female fronted metal formation hailing from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

For I Am King started in early 2013. Combining ex-members of All Heads Rise, Price to Pay and So Called Celeste. With their single coming out October this year and a debut EP "Revengeance" in early 2014, For I Am King is set out to make a name for themselves. Playing fast and heavy riffs combined with breakdowns and catchy melodies.

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Artefacts - progressive metal band from Malaysia

Artefacts is a progressive metal band from Malaysia. The band started in 2011 by Farady Anuar, Azmizam Rashid, Nikko Abas, Dzul Hizami, Haziq Ibnul, and Zhafirry Fenner. After several line-up changes, the current line-up is Zhafirry Fenner as the vocalist, Nikko Abas and Iskandar Tajuden as guitarist, Dzul Hizami holds the position on the bass and Farady Anuar as the drummer.
Combining progressive patterns, technical guitar riffs and atmospheric melodies can be the specs to define the band. Citing Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, The Faceless, and The Human Abstract as their influances in generating music.
The band released their debut EP entitled Exordium on the 9th of November 2013.

Zhafirry Fenner - Vocalist
Nikko Abas - Guitarist
Iskandar Tajuden - Guitarist
Dzul Hizami - Bassist
Farady Anuar - Drummer

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Bewitcher - Wild Speed Metal Attack

Bewitcher – Satanic Panic Demo

THE BEWITCHER MANIFESTO: Rock n' Roll is the devil's music, and heavy metal is its bastard child. In the 1980's, the radical fundamentalist Christian right-wing in America waged a war against this music, bringing its practitioners and it's unholy muse to the forefront of the public consciousness. This futile effort by parents and politicians to protect their children from this dark and vital art form has since become known as the "Satanic Panic".

20+ years later, the devil's rock n' roll is still alive and well, but the war is far from over... In the year of Thirteen of Satan's third millennium, a new force rises to defend the ways of old. Bewitcher has chosen to name their first demo "Satanic Panic", in reference to that bygone era when metal was still dangerous and not yet populated by the cry baby emo-kid, straight-edge nonsense of this modern age. Instead they look to the past, when heavy metal in all …

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS announce the sensation Brazillian heavy metal FIRE STRIKE

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS, in collaboration with Stryke Management are proud to announce, the Brasilian traditional Heavy Metal quintet called FIRE STRIKE
The EP titled "Lion and Tiger" will be available in every digital worldwide webstores in November 30th.

Formed by female vocalist Aline Nunes, Henry on guitar, Helyad on guitar, the bassist Edivan and drummer Jean Praelli, 
FIRE STRIKE produced his first CD, a EP titled "Lion and Tiger" which will be relased by brasilian independent label "13 Records" early 2013, with five songs : 
Night Fever, The True Dream, Streets of Fire, Master of the Seas and Lion and Tiger (the song order has not yet been set.) 

The front cover was done by the great artist Celso Mathias.

GOLDEN SERIES - SOFEA Legendary Malaysian Heavy Metal.

SYJ band originally from the ` Ex - December ' which also established by Syed Yusof Jamalulail ( at that time he was a member of the traffic police in Ipoh ) . It changed to the name ` SYJ ' in 1978 . The original members ` SYJ ' 1978 consists of Halim ( guitar and keyboard) , Fat Man ( bass ) , Pak Su Nor (drums - later replaced by  Din Urko) and Hamidi ( Flute ) . Female singer Rohana Kassim .

SOFEA initially established by the late Syed Yusuf Jamalulail otherwise known as " Pak syed " with SYJ name in 1983 in Kampung Manjoi Ipoh, Perak . During the SYJ just playing weddings homes only. At that time, the original vocalist Amir SYJ'86 not he taken when vocalist audition for this group . Amir joined SYJ in 1985 . Pak Syed 's house when only a jamming studio . SYJ original singer has already retreated away from SYJ .

In 1986 , SYJ'86 has joined the Battle of the Bands competition organized by Ali Bakar . At that time, the manager is Syed Yusuf Jamalul…