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Mortality | BlackDeath Metal Indonesia

Mortality was formed in 1993 with the line up of the city of Bandung Biye (bass), Rudi (guitar), Balung (vocals), and Tantan (Drums). Departing from the same vision, mission, and certainly low profile alignment, struggled for 21 years retracing the local country rock music until now Mortality still resound in her BlackDeath Metal music. Mortality released their first album in 2002 which was released by ESP titled "SATANIC WAR" and have 9 Songs:  1.Black Mortal  2. God of darknes  3. Abandon the infinity of our Lady 4. The silence  5. Satanic War  6. Humacidal  7. Black Shadow  8. Master of Death  9. Symphonic death   It was not unusual for 21 years in the travel BlackDeath Metal Indonesia, mortality has several times experienced personnel changes. But despite that disassembly does not make Mortality collapse. Instead it makes a positive learning for song material and the band as a whole. Although mortality was "Asleep" for 4 years due to the busyness of the perso…


Lunar Explosion Italian power metal band with label Scarlet Records announces with great pleasure their tour in South America "South America Explosion Tour" supporting Blaze Bayley ( ex Iron Maiden ) . Thanks to the positive results in terms of advertising and sales of their debut album (via Scarlet Records) have been called to appear for 8-10 concerts in the best clubs and theaters in the South American territory by presenting their debut album. This is a very satisfactory result and it is with great honor that Lunar Explosion represent the Italian metal overseas, a privilege that only a few Italian bands have been lucky enough to boast of in their careers. This result, along with collaborations with Michael Angelo Batio , Dennis Stratton , Blaze Bayely , performances in Germany, Bulgaria, fills with good intentions the near future of a young band , which will address more tours in the European territory with major industry leaders metal of fame the world's…

Suffering - Chaosatanas, Black Metal from Poland

The band was created by Armagedon and Astaroth in 2007, since then they worked on the material which was supposed to be published the next year, however, those plans were abandoned because of the argument between the creators of Suffering and the ex-drummer.The musical differences stopped the project until 2010. In 2011 the band starded rehearsing with the new drummer, Azmodan. In february 2012 Armagedon and Astaroth decided to record two of the 9 compositions they had created and thus release the first demo, which is supposed to appear in april 2012.In June and July, during full moons, the band recorded "Chaosatanas". At the time being, the band is preparing for the tour and recording a LP. Suffering describes their music as Ritual Black Metal, with lyrics rooted in occultism, hedonism, nihilism and masochism, with strong anti-christian message. The band is heavily influenced byAustin Osman Spare, Peter J. Caroll, Aleister Crowley and Andrew Chumbley.

Mort Productions…

FANGE - Poisse

FANGE - Poisse
Cold Dark Matter Records 002

Formed in late 2013 by HUATA’s bass player and BRAIN PYRAMID’s drummer,
FANGE (meaning «mire» in french) plays harsh sludge, crushing riffs and hard beats.
All you’ll find here is a huge amount of fuzz and distortion, out of hand feedbacks,
low tuning and big amps, heavy beats and fat kicks, distorded vocals and abrasive noises.
Sinking into a dirty and filthy sludge/noise to exorcize the human grime and primal idioms
conveyed by summer and unbearable heats, FANGE’s first effort will bury you into mud and oil.
If Nihilist would have played sludge on Sunn O))) amps, it would have sounded like this.

Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo - drums
Benjamin Moreau - guitars, vocals, noise
Jean-Baptiste Lévêque - vocals, noise
written and composed by FANGE
recorded by Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo
mixed by KKP at Worship Studio
mastered by Sylvain Biguet
artwork and layout by Benjamin Moreau
Bongzilla meets Entombed at a Merzbow gig

For fans of :
Halo, early Melvins, Lazarus Blackstar…

Masquera Di Ferro - Greek Melodic Metal

Masquera Di Ferro is a Greek Melodic Heavy Metal Band from Patras
started its form in middle of Octomber 2012 and finally formed its lineup in the middle of 2013 with :Tasos Psilovasilopoulos (Vocals-Lyrics),Fanis Badas (Guitar),Kostas Birbutsakis (Guitar)
Panos Thoidis (Drums),Teo Karalis (Bass), Pluto Gaitanaros as guest at keyboard.

The Band Completed its first album recordings at Octomber of 2013
at NOISEBOX STUDIO with producer Sakis Bastas.

Currently we are promoting our first album through live performances and composing new stuff.

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N. TESLA Russian post-metal band

Russian post-metal band N. TESLA releases their first full-length album "Lux Manifesto" as an Internet release on 20th of February 2014
First line up of N.Tesla was formed in 2008 in Rostock, Germany and after some years
of incubational period was transformed into band of six members who met each other in 2011 in Oryol, Russia.
Two demo records "I Rush To Find A Dawn" and "Mysogyny" released in 2012 contained some strong tracks that were a mixture of post-metal and post-hardcore structures.
"Lux Manifesto" goes further and seriously widens musical pallete of the band and has obvious ambient, tribal, jazz and even some black metal influences.
N.Tesla signed with Lost Memories Records for this release.

First line up of N.Tesla was formed in 2008 in Rostock, Germany and after some years
of incubational period was transformed into band of six members who met each other in 2011 in Oryol, Russia.
Two demo records "I Rush To Find A Daw…