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DEMONA "Speaking With Ther Devil" now out on VINYL LP !

"INFERNÖ Records is proud to announce the release on VINYL LP of the long awaited second album by DEMONA !!Release date is March 1st, 2014 ! Limited edition to 300 copies (150 BLACK Wax/150 BROWN wax) - comes with two-sided full-colored insert,
including lyrics, pics.

Recommended for fans of Living Death, Sentinel Beast, Znowhite, Exumer, Deathrow... Still available on CD/Digi-CD and Cassette"
Get your copy from INFERNÖ Records -"

Stealth | Heavy Metal/Hard Rock From Italy

The band name didn't portray what they sound like. STEALTH band giving distorted and powerful riffs alternate with melodic ballads in their songs. Playing Hard Rock / Heavy Metal genre the band leaning more toward pure Hard Rock style. Born in 2007, this 5-piece band coming from Ferrara, Italy was an idea from their drummer and guitarist. Both of them immediately compose songs and lyrics. In 2011 the line-up is finally completed by Andrea Rambelli, Matia Catozzi and Enrico Ghirelli, each coming from previous musical experiences. The band is very dedicated to music and is determined to enter the pro's world.

At the end of 2013, the band release self-produced debut album called "SHORES OF HOPE". Containing 10 tracks including songs from their 2012 demo "Echoes From A Dark Lake Bridge". Enrico Ghirelli, the vocalists gives you a little taste of Italian accent in their song. Both of the guitarists give good guitar composition and solo riff. Bass guitar in this a…

Assia - Hard Rock Female Fronted from Indonesian/Belgium

Assia is a Rock Band, kick started by the Indonesian/Belgium, Asmara and Tiana. The band started out in 2010, with the original line-up of Asmara on guitar, Tiana on vocals and Somphong on bass. No drummer, so they used a backtrack on stage. In 2011, they found a second guitar player, Leslie. Later Julie joined the band on keyboards. A few months later they found Fabiano from Brazil, wo would complete the line-up on the drums. They graduately gained popularity in Belgium, especially in West-Flanders, where they got the chance to play festivals and biker parties. That same year they recorded their first demo with the help of Wizz from Wizzard. 
 After a few line-up changes, the first single "Daydream" got released in 2013. The single featured Asmara on guitar, Tiana on vocals, JC on bass, Julie on keyboards, and Fabiano on drums. Currently, the band is working hard on their first studio album, "Believe in Yourself". 

Asmara - Guitar, bac…


BrazilianFIRESTRIKEpresent their firstofficialvideoclip, filmedfor the song"NightFever"andtaken from theirdebut "Lion andTiger"released inthe world market byDeFoxRecords. 
The band playsatraditionalHeavy Metalbanddevotedtothe 80s,andundergroundcultgroupswho deniedany mention ofmusicin theircommercialormainstream,we want tomentionChastain,Acid, BlackLace... 

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