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Abductum - Spanish Heavy Thrash metal

Spanish metal band Abductum has founded by guitarist Noel Puente.It all started in the end of 2010 with the help of two friends and great musician Francisco Molero and Mario Jimenez from others old common local band.After only a few practices and rehearsals, the band is coming up with some impressive metarial.Their music is built upon old influences of the most pure thrash-heavy metal sounds.
In 2011 the vocalist Javi Puente (Noel's brother) joined the band then make the first demo with two tracks published on the net.Demo was given excellent and outstanding reactions.
Lyrics contemplated universal themes of arcane mysteries, extraterrestrial.ecology,etc. After live show debut and frequent club gigs (playing with others known well bands like Brazilians VIOLATOR, Croatian WARHEAD and others renowned Spanish band too) the band entered Granada MusicProject studio in summer of 2012 to record their first autoedited full-length "The Unrevealed Truth"  available now! All the w…

Black Seed - Let The Thrashing Begins !!

Black Seed is an Malaysian thrash metal band from Sungai Udang, Melaka, formed in 2009, BlackSeed consists of four thrash maniacs, Amy (vocals, guitars), Basry (guitars, background vocals), HaiL (bass, background vocals) and Apizz (drums, percussion).crazy about metallica, Whiplash, Kreator, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth and many more... Black Seed Releases demo title Let The Thrashing Begin !! including 4 Real Thrash Metal Track and 1 cover From Battalion.

Black Seed - 2013 - Let The Thrashing Begin!!

1.Destroy Em All
2.Blood Nation
3.United For Thrash
4.Headbangers (Battalion Cover)

Let The Thrashing Begin Promo !!

GOLDEN SERIES - X-Hero - Hard Rock Italy

X HERO began life billed as AXE HERO, being founded in 1981 by the Galliazzo brothers going by stage pseudonyms of singer Mirko DeFox and drummer David Johansen,the bass player Fabio "Pico" Piccotin and the guitar player Dave "Moby" Laperni.
The opening demos, 'Brainstorm' was recorded in 1983 and 'It's a Rock' was pubblish in 1984 with a new second guitar Martin Martin. The band, pulling in CAPTAIN KILL and XIPE guitarist Piero Albanese and bassist Cesco Laperni entered Space Station studios to record the 'Come Back' demos. Line up changes then saw the introduction of guitarist Alex Stornello and bassist Paul Blondie Gidoni. A privately pressed AXE HERO album, 'Brainstorm', saw issue in 1986(this item is a biggest gem in vinyl for the collectors all around the world) without band's authorization.

The group then evolved into X HERO. Following issue of the 1988 self titled debut album through Fly By Night Records…

HEART OF STEEL RECORDS announce DARK AGES Teumman part two!

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are proud to announce DARK AGES and the second part of Teumman saga, great opera in two concept albums! The album titled "Teumman part two" will be available on special limited edition CD format in August 24th and in every digital worldwide webstores in September 01th, 2013!
DARK AGES was formed all the way back in 1982 by guitarist SIMONE CALCIOLARI and the first 10 years he spent on creating the band’s sound, which was revealed on their 1991 debut album titled ‘Saturnalia’. 
After it’s release the band once again went back into the underground, but now, in the new millenium, the music is like a opera meet the Epic Heavy Progressive Rock.
Teumman's songs oriented in epic mood, slowtempo, classic metal with melodic line, great arrangements, very good melodies and solid performances make this a truly recommended release. 

DARK AGES line-up:

Simone Calciolari, Guitar
Davide Cagnata, Vocals
Massimiliano Missi Perboni, Bass
Carlo B…


LegendaMetal KanadaAnnihilatorsedang menyiapkan diri untukstudiocd# 14, hanyabertajuk' Feast, yangakan dikeluarkan pada26 Ogos 2013melaluilabelUDR

Sembilanjenamatrekbaru.DeluxeversiECO-bookjuga akan menampilkanCDBonus15lagu...sejumlah besar daripada24lagu dalamsatu pakej-dengan penutup3D!

JeffWatersdan company tear melaluisetiap keluarandengan jujur,kuasadan tenaga,bersama-sama dengankemahiran teknikalyang sangat baik, memberikanduniaMetalcampuranyang palingmenarikdaripadayang besar,riffsmetal denganidealaguyang sempurnadan beberapamencarisololegendasebagaiaising padakek.Itulah sebabnyaJeff danAnnihilatortelah menjadipengaruhbesar kepadabanyakMetalyang terkenal danpemuzikdi seluruh dunia.

Malah,banyak, berjayamembuatpemuzikdan bukanMetal,Watersand Cosebagai pengaruhdalam kerjaya mereka.Lawatandengan semua orang dariJudas PriestuntukPanterauntukTrivium, sertaberpuluh-puluhheadliningpelancongan danperayaan-perayaandi seluruh duniatelahberlakustabil sejaktahun 1989 untukband ini, tidakl…