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Sweet Children (SC) Rock Band Fron Jakarta Indonesia

Sweet Children (Often called SC) is a rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia that was formed in 2006. After several lineup changes, they settled on Rafael Foxx (Vocal), Edo (Guitar/Backing vocal), DIX (Bass/Backing vocal), and Okky (Drums).
In 2011, the band released an EP titled "Hey Dog" with their previous vocalist.
Each member contributes not only as musician, but also as videographer, sound engineer, graphic designer, and also as manager. Thus, they can also grow not only on their musicality.
They chose "SC" as their name because at that time, almost every member of the band liked Greenday which was named Sweet Children before they changed it. Now SC plays hard rock.
In September 16th, 2014 the band released their latest single "Kelelawar" and can be downloaded for free on their Soundcloud page.
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