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False Coda Progressive Metal From Greece

False Coda were officially formed back in 2009 and the only steady members since then were the brothers Vasilis Milios(guitars) and Andreas Milios(drums)who also are members of the heavy metal band Barbax.
After several changes in the lineup, in August 2011,Nikos Pogkas (ex Shiverspine) came along as a bass player and a month later Lefteris Kapetanios - keyboards. The band while was still in search of a singer, recorded in their own home studio the track "Respect" featuring Andreas on vocals as a sample for anyone interested in auditioning. Finally after several offers Manos Xanthakis(Agnosia,Strangeyes,ex Jericho,ex Celestial ode,ex Blazon (uk)etc)to fill the place of the singer.
Since then the band recorded one more track "Code of Kindness" and participated in Salaminas Metal festival. Nowadays they are recording material for their upcoming debut album.
The bands musical identity is actually progressive metal. With lots of influ…

Nine To Five Attitude - Munich Metalcore

Nine To Five Attitude is a five piece band with a mixture of Post- Hardcore and Metalcore with their own minds. Founded in 2009 in Wangen/Munich. The five-piece band do not believe in uniformity and combine fine riffs with strong melodies and driving drum beats. On top, there's a strong-voiced frontman, who puts the mix of post-hardcore and technical metal as the finishing touch. Nine to Five Attitude are bringing the mix of "in your face" and melodic parts in their songs. Besides that, the quintet are also being noticeable for live performances as they support bands such as Final Prayer and The Blackout Argument from Germany. And also abroad band like Horse the Band, Madball, This Is Hell, Death Before Dishonor all from the USA and Rolo Tomassi from UK.

Seaside Secrets EP is their first attempt to show their quality and it was released in early August last year.'Seaside Secrets' is about finding yourself and having a mind of one's own. Friends and family are…

Deafening Silence Heavy Speed Metal from France

Founded in 1997, Deafening Silence lived through the years while keeping the flame alive, elaborating a style of metal that evolved along with the influences of its members. After over fifteen years of existence, some line-up changes, three demos and two albums (Edge of Life in 2003 and Backlash in 2007), the band is now back with a new embodiment consisting in Nico (vocals), Guiome and Gaabh (guitars), Phil (bass) and Tom (drums), ready to deliver its third offering. With this brand new LP, the band pushes back the boundaries of its music, reaching more aggressive territories on the verge of thrash metal and developing a significantly progressive side. As soon as the album is out, Deafening Silence will be back on stage.

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Lonewolf France Heavy Metal

LONEWOLF started their Heavy Metal crusade in 1992 in Grenoble, France. After "The Calling" demo tape (1994) and the already legendary 7" single "Holy Evil" (1996), the band splitted up, to return in the year 2000, stronger than ever before. The same year the band released the "March Into The Arena" debut album, and promoted it on tour, during which they also invaded Greece and their Holocaust Festival, and opened the first French Grave Digger show.

The second studio album titled "Unholy Paradise" (2003) was a huge step forward: the band promoted it on live shows with acts such as Paragon, Sacred Steel, Paul Di'Anno, Wizard and Grave Digger. In 2004 Lonewolf decided to pay a tribute to the Greek fans, who were giving the band incredible support since the very beginning - so the were special 7" single "Hellenic Warriors", incl. the title track which is until now a classic Lonewolf live killer, was out on small…

Madame Torment - Oregon's Female Glam Rock band

Young, crude and full of energy - Madame Torment is Portland, Oregon's all-female rock group formed in May 2011. The band released a 3 song EP in December 2011, which included their anthem song, Bad Girls. In August 2013, they recorded their single, Party Til You Puke (Live It up) at Opal Studio (Clients include Scorpions, Shrapnel Records & Deen Castronovo). Engineer Kevin Hahn also co-produced the song and the band released it digitally on their Reverbnation profile soon after.

The idea of forming an all-female rock band, was lead guitarist, Erin Elizadeth's dream. Having met Elsa Faith a year earlier at an AC/DC tribute band audition, she approached the vocalist and sharing the same goals and musical influences such as Motley Crue, The Runaways and Guns 'N Roses, Madame Torment was born. When the original lineup fell through, the two took a break for half a year. They returned in May 2013 with drummer, Camille Denny and bassist, Ashley Luna.

With this line-up, they ha…