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Lonewolf France Heavy Metal

LONEWOLF started their Heavy Metal crusade in 1992 in Grenoble, France. After "The Calling" demo tape (1994) and the already legendary 7" single "Holy Evil" (1996), the band splitted up, to return in the year 2000, stronger than ever before. The same year the band released the "March Into The Arena" debut album, and promoted it on tour, during which they also invaded Greece and their Holocaust Festival, and opened the first French Grave Digger show.

The second studio album titled "Unholy Paradise" (2003) was a huge step forward: the band promoted it on live shows with acts such as Paragon, Sacred Steel, Paul Di'Anno, Wizard and Grave Digger. In 2004 Lonewolf decided to pay a tribute to the Greek fans, who were giving the band incredible support since the very beginning - so the were special 7" single "Hellenic Warriors", incl. the title track which is until now a classic Lonewolf live killer, was out on small, but respected Greek label Eat Metal Records. Lonewolf stayed with this label for a bit longer: their third studio album "Made In Hell" (2008) was also released by Eat Metal, and gained impressive feedback from underground press and fans all around the globe. The same year, Hard Rocker magazine (the biggest Polish printed magazine at that time) released "The Curse Of The Seven Seas" CD compilation, which was added for free to one of their issues.

The next studio album was recorded in summer of 2009, and featured bunch of special guests such as Majk Moti of Running Wild, and Jan Bunning of Paragon . "The Dark Crusade" - as it is the title of this most successful Lonewolf album - was produced by Bart Gabriel and mixed by the legendary Grammy nominated King Diamond guitarist, Andy LaRocque, who is also known from cooperation with acts such as Hammerfall, In Flames, and of course King Diamond. In 2012, "Army Of The Damned" was released and the Wolves did a tour with Powerwolf, Mystic Prophecy and Stormwarrior. Shows over Europe were also planned. Now, the "wolf division" is getting ready to attack with their brand new studio album titled "The Fourth And Final Horseman", which will be out in July 2013 on Napalm Records!

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GOLDEN SERIES - SOFEA Legendary Malaysian Heavy Metal.

SYJ band originally from the ` Ex - December ' which also established by Syed Yusof Jamalulail ( at that time he was a member of the traffic police in Ipoh ) . It changed to the name ` SYJ ' in 1978 . The original members ` SYJ ' 1978 consists of Halim ( guitar and keyboard) , Fat Man ( bass ) , Pak Su Nor (drums - later replaced by  Din Urko) and Hamidi ( Flute ) . Female singer Rohana Kassim .

SOFEA initially established by the late Syed Yusuf Jamalulail otherwise known as " Pak syed " with SYJ name in 1983 in Kampung Manjoi Ipoh, Perak . During the SYJ just playing weddings homes only. At that time, the original vocalist Amir SYJ'86 not he taken when vocalist audition for this group . Amir joined SYJ in 1985 . Pak Syed 's house when only a jamming studio . SYJ original singer has already retreated away from SYJ .

In 1986 , SYJ'86 has joined the Battle of the Bands competition organized by Ali Bakar . At that time, the manager is Syed Yusuf Jamalul…

GOLDEN SERIES - Febians - 1989 - 1001 Malam

Kumpulan D'Febians merupakan sebuah kumpulan pemuzik
dan penyanyi Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Malaysia yang mula dikenali ramai
semenjak tahun 1983 setelah menyertai "Juara Rock 1983". Di angotai oleh Nasabandi Jumat(Vokalis) , Aziz Mohamad (Gitar) , Sufian Samiran (Gitar), Harun Rahman (Bass) dan Shamsuri Tahir (Drum)
Pada pertengahan tahun '80an ('86-'88), kumpulan ini menukarkan nama kepada Febians.
Kumpulan ini menyampaikan lagu dalam Bahasa Melayu.
band ini sempat merakamkan beberapa album pada waktu itu    D'Febians (1988) , 1001 Malam (1989) , Satu Antara Sejuta (1991) , Lang Buana (1994)
    dan kompilasi Keunggulan Febians (2007) kumpulan ini berpecah akibat
sesuatu masalah tidak dapat dielakkan. Pusat Studio utama mereka pada masa itu ialah di Johor Bahru.
Syarikat berkenaan telah pun tutup  Selepas berpecah  Nashabandi (vocalist) telah menubuhkan
Kumpulan Amuk...

1001 Malam 1. Febians - 1001 Malam (4:52)
2. Febians - Rumie Dan Julie (4:19)

GOLDEN SERIES - M.A.Y - Ziet Giest/Wira Cyborg

Kumpulan M.A.Y ialah sebuah kumpulan Heavy Metal/Hard Rock yang aktif di Malaysia semenjak pertengahan 1980-an. Kumpulan ini membawakan lagu-lagu berbahasa Melayu.
Kumpulan M.A.Y ditubuhkan pada 1986 oleh 4 orang anak muda daripada kampung Manjoi, Ipoh, Perak Malaysia yang mengikuti langkah S.Y.J dengan menubuhkan sebuah kumpulan muzik aliran Heavy Metal. Nama M.A.Y diambil sempena pangkal huruf nama timang-timangan keempat-empat mereka iaitu 'M' bagi nama Mus (Mustaffa Din) dan Man (Sharip), 'A' bagi Abu (Nasir) dan 'Y' bagi Yus (Mohktar).
Album pertama May diterbitkan sendiri mereka pada tahun 1987 berjudul 'Dilema'. Sebelum 'Dilema', May ada merakamkan sebuah album mini 'Juara Juara Rock' yang mengabdikan enam lagu. Lagu popular bagi album tersebut ialah 'Derita Bangsa', 'Bayangan Hidup' dan Sketsa Sebuah Cinta'. Bagi album 'Dilema', lagu hits adalah 'Ku Dalam Dilema', 'Sketsa Sebuah Cinta&…