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Tunjukkan catatan dari Disember, 2014

The Black Rook - Brazil Heavy Metal

The Black Rook was formed in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 2013 by singer Flavio Senra and guitarist Rubens Lessa. They wanted to create a project towards to their musical preference: Heavy Metal.

The composition process points to the creation of consistent melodic lines, great chorus, heavy arrangements and rhythmic harmony. Lyrically, the songs handle with subject themes and reflections about human being condition, his place in the contemporaneity and the consequences of men stay in the world.

THE BLACK ROOK first studio album was produced by Celo Oliveira from Kolera Produtora Artística e Musical ( and by the band. Moreover, Celo is responsible for the group artistic production. That alliance developed a strong and cohesive record on which the sincerity of compositions, Flavio and Rubens’ experience and Celo’s skills guaranteed the excellence of the self-entitled full length THE BLACK ROOK.


C.I.A - Classic Alien Invasion's | Belgium Thrash Metal

Classic Alien Invasion, one of the most promising metal newcomers of our universe.  Founded in early 2007 close to Achouffe by huge Thrash and Speed Metal enthusiasts John Harper and Tom Edwards.  Forged in the black holes of their youthful passions, they produce a metal music back to its roots, straight in your face
and far from the complex structures or lyrical stuff that a lot of bands propose today but keeping melodies.
Different tempos, aggressive riffs and sounds with guitars driving the music like a jam session comingfrom the belly
of Roswell
. They left aside some production tools to create a fresh and expressive music.
At the end the result is a metal incident not suited for a fragile ear or an ear-fed of metal blockbusters. In some words,
the space from a garage.
In space...             no one can hear her scream...                                      but you will hear them rock! 

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