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Evil Remains - Thrash/Heavy Metal from Brazil

The idea of forming a band came in 2011 , when we were still only Thor and Felipe , with two guitars and a dream in his hands.Even the style that would play was set. But with the emergence of small ideas between steel strings and skinned fingers , born the first riff 's that defined us.Sometime later , we decided that we would take it seriously . We're looking for a bassist and a drummer who were willing to grab the same idea . Suicidal was when it appeared with low hands and all the prey will within him .
But a drummer was really the hardest thing to achieve . Simply nobody worked. Nobody matched with us .We stayed almost a year , maybe more , until by chance know the Matheus . And al ... Well, there was done.Formed band , music in hand, what was missing ? Places to play .Then had another challenge .
Nobody wants to give opportunity for four teenagers who say playing thrash metal. Another reason , it is extremely difficult to find places that accept this kind of sound.…

Midnight Rain - Serbia Hard Rock.

Midnight Rain is a project which gathers talented and versatile musicians. Music of Midnight Rain can be described as eclectic hard rock, but it consists of various genres, from blues rock and jazz to progressive rock and metal. Debut album called “Evolution I” features 13 musicians. Each of 8 songs is ilustrated with beautiful concept art made by Nevena Lazarević. Project will continue with the studio work exclusively, promising to bring its compositions to a new level of sound and imagination. Creators of Midnight Rain are Boris Šurlan and Vlad Invictus.
All songs are recorded & produced in Midnight Studio in Lazarevac, Serbia, by Boris Šurlan.  recentlyMidnight Rain signedwithDEFOXandHEARTOFSTEELRECORDS. 

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Tom Martini - American Guitar Hero

Sometimes that one artist comes along and no one notices. Sometimes they make so much noise that it’s hard to ignore them! Tom Martini is being heard very loud and very clear. As a sought out artist endorser, instructor, and performer, Tom has solidified his place in the industry through hard work and effort. His tenacity has plowed the way to where he is today. Today he has arrived at a time when music is starving for that one artist to rise above the rest, that one performer who bleeds for the stage and that one person who can make a difference in other’s lives…….that person, that musician, and that guitarist is Tom martini. 

Born in NJ he started his music career on the drums and became a very popular and powerful drummer in the tri state region of Nj, NY, and Pa playing in many local club bands throughout the region.. Tom picked up the guitar one day just to see what it was like and never looked back. He took lessons in Port Jervis, NY from a few teachers but it wasn’t …

We All Die (Laughing) - Depressive Progressive Introspective Dark Metal From Belgium

After the demise of world-renewed Avantgarde band Carnival in coal, vocalist-extraordinaire and Rock Hard journalist Arno Strobl took part to many projects from which only a few made it to the public until he was invited to join france's 6:33 as their guest vocalist (they just lost theirs back then) for EP that finally got so successful  they decided to re - release a full -length together mid-2013. The full-length got very successful and critically-acclaimed but it was only a one-time thing for Arno that wanted to have a band of his very own in which he'd express all of his feelings, thoughts,creativity and emotions.
Contacted a bit earlier by Kaotoxin recording artist Eye Of Solitude for some guest vocal (on the track "The Deceit" that's featured on the bonus CD of the band's latest full-length "Canto III"), he recordes his vocals in Deha s (of maladie,C.O.A.G and many more) studio in belgium (now relocated in Bulgaria and We All Die (Laughing was …