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Eclectic Spawn , Mexico Power/Progressive Metal

the third album of ECLECTIC SPAWN, Melodic Technical Progressive Death Metal band, were
founded in 2004 in Mexico City.

Eclectic Spawn is a Mexican Project formed in 2004 and led by Multi-instrumentalist Martin
Martinez (Xipe Totec, Yatrogeny),the band publish their first release “Noosferic” in 2006
(Ablaze prods).
Noosferic album is a conceptual album that consists of four long songs with their respective
chapters, and the album covers the esoteric philosophy of the “fourth path”, which was
written by Gurjdieff and Ouspensky.
In 2007 the band recorded their second album titled “Fractalis”, but has not yet been
released by a record label. This is once again a conceptual album, and it concerns the old concepts of Greek philosophers. On this album, Aldo Krilin, Alejandro Melo (Sabacthani) and César del Aguila collaborated with vocals. Gonzalo Becerril and Jovany López Martinez did their part on synthesizers. Yet again, Martin Mar…

Amplified Memory, München Melodic Death Metal

In the summer of 2008 the three friends Wolfgang (vocals, keys), Simon (guitar, keys) and Chris (drums) decided to form a band called AMPLIFIED MEMORY without commiting theirselves to a certain style of Metal. Soon they completed a first line up with Basti (bass guitar) and Daniel (guitar). After
several line up changes, from summer of 2009 to springtime of 2011 the band consisted of Wolfi (vocals, keys), Chris (guitar, ex-BURSTFACTOR), Simon (guitar, keys), Michi (bass guitar) and Felix (drums, also drummer of NEBELKRÄHE, ESCHATA and RAPID) and decided to play old-school-oriented Melodic-Death-Metal. Und this line up they recorded the debut album "The Ever Spinning Wheel", which was released on 25.07.2013. In springtime of 2011 Henning (guitar, ex-ENHAZOR) joined, so Simon could switch to keys and Wolfi could focus on his vocal performance. In May of 2012 Felix left the band and was replaced by Tim (drums, ex-TOXIC WALTZ). Under this current line up AMPLIFIED …

GUERRERA, hot Speed Metal from Argentina

Hailing from the capital of Santa Fe ,Argentina. Romi Guerrera started her band some years ago by playing mostly covers of various Argentine and Spanish Metal bands of the 80's and giving some local shows.The rest of her band unable to compose original music made Romi depart and relocate in another place to search for new musicians and sing originals. Very soon she meets with Nick Banger widely known for his work as a singer/guitarist of the Greek Metal legends Metalmorfosis and talk about a new project.Without wasting any time Nick composes new songs and calls his buddies from Metalmorfosis,Steve Breaker on drums and Nikkey Energetic on bass to join him with Guerrera. The result of this collaboration is 80's style hot Speed Metal with crushing guitars,furious bass,super fast drumming and savage vocals.

Band members: Romi Guerrera-Vocals Nick Banger-Guitars/Backing vocals Nikkey Energetic-Bass Steve Breaker-Drums

Link Fan Pag…

Intercorpse, released debut single "Poisonous Love"

We are Intercorpse, a suicidal slut metal band from Appleton, Wisconsin and have just released debut single "Poisonous Love" which can be heard through acebook page at  Keep an eye out for full length in 2014 followed by a tour in support of it's release! 
Visit at
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No More Sex, Band From Poland

No More Sex. The band has formed in July 2013. Maciej Palmowski has started it. No More Sex debuted with song "I Wanna Make Ya" in august. They made first music video and published it in the beggining of september. They will  visit studio in fall this year, and stard concerts in winter. No More Sex is a trio - Maciek, Darek, Jan.

music video:

Metal Blaster and Metal Records Proudly present the Launching of Rockamania FM as Official Radio

Metal Records proudly present the Launching of Rockamania FM as official radio partner for playing song that are under the record label. Review of a new band coming from Metal Blaster, is a subsidiary of Metal Records, will also receive broadcasting rights in the radio for promoting in Asia and all over the world. 

Rockamania FM is a 1st online Heavy Metal radio in Malaysia. Non-stop 24 hours of broadcasting wide genre of Metal Music.

For more info : 
Metal Record official website -
Metal Blaster official website -
Rockamania FM -


WE ARE BURNING BRAINS THE BAND from Belém , Brazil · We’ve developed a following of loyal fans in our country and we are anxious to share our music with the world. The original band formed in 2005 and like most new bands, we’ve had different talented musicians that represented our band as it evolved. Burning Brains The Band, has always strived to blend classic rock and roll music with heavy metal and occasionally romantic ballads. Our main influences are bands such as Dokken, Keel, Wasp, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest. We’ve had the honor of being selected as the opening act for concerts in Brazil with headline acts like Angra and Dr. Sin. As things increasingly became more demanding and of a serious nature, original founding members and songwriters Antonio Augusto Cesar Junior (lead vocalist Jr. Thunder) and guitarist / producer Nelson Torres parted with the former band members to rewrite and re-record all of the Burning Brains songs.

Alcyete Caracciolo (Antonio’s wife) lends…

Air Raid Swedish Heavy Metal

Air Raid was formed by Andreas Johansson & Johan Karlsson in Gothenburg (Sweden) 2009.
After a year of line-up changes they eventually found Robin Utbult (Bass), David Hermansson (Drums)
& Michalis Rinakakis (Vocals).

This line-up recorded the EP "Danger Ahead" and Full-length album "Night Of The Axe" which
both recieved great response. In April 2013 they played at Keep It True Festival, which is the bands
biggest gig up to date.

Michalis Rinakakis left the band in June 2013 because of personal differences. New singer is Arthur W Andersson..


HEART OF STEEL RECORDS is happy to announce the brazilian ONNIRICA

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are happy to announce the debut EP of brazilian power prog metal band called ONNIRICA! The EP titled "The end" will be available in every digital worldwide webstores in October 15th.
Onnírica is a Melodic Heavy-metal project born in Belo Horizonte in 2010 (same city of Sepultura, Overdose, Eminence, Sarcofago) The band influenced is Glory Opera, Hangar, Angra, Symphony X, Helloween, Stratovarius, Masterplan, Rhapsody, Malmsteen, Grapow, Primal Fear, Iron Maiden, Freakeys, Avantasia, Kiske and Magnus Karlsson (Allen and Lande). The Ep contains 3 songs with special guests on vocals, Humberto Sobrinho (GLORY OPERA, ACHILLEA, former HANGAR) and Leandro Caçoilo (SEVENTH SEAL, HOT ROCKS, HARDSHINE, SOULSPELL, DIE HARD, AGE ONE, former ETERNA)  
Line-up Guests - Vocals Leles Gomes - Guitar/Backing Vocals Tiago Faria - Guitar/Backing Vocals Rodrigo Muniz – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals Thiago “Brutal” Rabello - Drums

In Belo Horizonte, in the yea…

Hellraizer Indonesian Death Metal

HELLRAIZER was formed on December 28th, 2008 in Nganjuk City , East Java,Indonesia. Hellraizer playing Death metal and we're greatly affected by Nile,Cannibal Corpse,Suffocation,Decrepith Birth,Spawn Of Possession,Necrophagist,Hour Of Penance,Arkaik and many more Death Metal Bands Arround the world.
Line Up of HELLRAIZER now is Tino (Growl),Rizky (Shredding Guitar),Rudy (Blast).

in end 2009, started recording  demo songs that consists of 4 tracks,This process of recording our first.on this EP Demo album gave us a lot of influence and re-learning.Demo EP  the title "Bleeding Tragedy"

in 2010, re-entered the recording studio,record some new songs and old songs from the Demo EP album 2009 "Bleeding Tragedy".on this album  improve the quality of the songs and sound, this album self release  the Title "The Revenger"

And For New concept 2011,re-entered on the studio,recording new songs with new compositions and a more brutal sound and progressive.gave birth…

Sorrows Path Greece Doom Metal

Sorrows Path was formed by Takis Drakopoulos (bass) and Kostas Salomidis (guitar) back in November 1993. Both being inspired by bands like Memento Mori, Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass and shortly after Angelos Ioannidis (vocals) and Kostas Farmakis (drums) joined them, the band began rehearsing and composing material.

During 1994 and 1995 Sorrows Path performed live in several gigs that by that time were being held in local clubs such as Rodeo, An Club, Ston Aera etc. In the meanwhile, on January 1995 “Sorrows Path”, the band’s first demo, was released but shortly after that, Kostas Farmakis decided to leave the band (sometime in autumn 1995). At the fall of 1995 and while the band was in a search of a new drummer Takis Drakopoulos tragically dies of a serious brain disease leaving the remaining members numb.

After putting themselves together, Angelos and Kostas decided to continue with band and so after recruiting Stavros Giannakos on bass and Gregory Vlachos on drums…