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CORRUPT LEADERS Release "Grindmother" EP on CD Format

Hot on the heels of their recent viral video, Canadian grindcore band CORRUPT LEADERS have released the new "Grindmother" EP on CD format.  You can order a copy for only $5 (plus $5 worldwide shipping) via their bandcamp page.

"Grindmother" EP on CD Format
Mixed by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege, and featuring artwork by Varises Otak, "Grindmother" has taken CORRUPT LEADERS to new heights, earning a multitude of positive reviews in the process.  A vinyl 5" version of the EP is also scheduled to be released this summer.

"Grindmother", which features a guest vocal from frontman Rain Forest's 66 year-old Mother, picked up coverage by Smash, Noisey, OC Weekly, Kerrang, Huffington Post and many others after a video of her recording session went viral.  The video passed 175K views and was aired on the nationally syndicated television show Right This Minute.

The band is currently writing…

MIDNIGHT RAIN New Album "Truth Is In The Light"

Midnight Rain started as a studio project of two long time friends and experienced musicians: Boris Šurlan (Raven, Abandon) and Vlad Invictus (Claymorean). Graduated as one of the best students in sound design and music production at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, Boris started producing songs at his home studio, simply called „Midnight“. In 2010 he asked Vlad Invictus, guitarist of epic power metal band Claymorean, to join forces and make some music that was different from their previous bands. They composed their first song „Get Out of My System“ in summer of 2010, but soon came the idea that this project called „Midnight Rain“ should involve as many as possible different musicians.

 During the first three years of the project, eleven musicians entered the Midnight Studio and total of eight songs were recorded and produced for the debut album called „Evolution I“. Every artist that was involved in the project wasn't just a participant who played by the notes which Boris and Vla…