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Tunjukkan catatan dari Oktober, 2014

Quarto Vazio - Portuguese atmospheric metal band

​ "Quarto Vazio" is the title of the new digital EP from the Portuguese atmospheric metal band Painted Black. The EP is the follow up to their debut album "Cold Comfort", released in 2010. 

Produced entirely by the band with the contribution of producer Pedro Mendes  of UltraSound Studios (Braga, Portugal)  and mastered by Australian producer Mark Kelson (The Eternal) at his Kelsonic Studios (in Melbourne, Australia), also includes Marcelo Aires (Heavenwood, Colosso) as session drummer.
The new record explores a more Rock oriented sound, but without diverging from the band's characteristic sound.
In addition to the title track sung entirely in Portuguese, the Ep still includes a cover song of "O Hábito Faz O Monstro" of the Portuguese cult pop/rock band Rádio Macau, and a cover song of the track "The Perfect Drug" of the American band Nine Inch Nails.
The band is currently preparing concerts to promote their new EP and are planning…

Kemolorg - Kajang Thrash Death Metal

Kemolorg is a combination of two bands, and one of the band called Killing Zone(1989). Influences more to Heavy Metal like Manowar. Line up: -Odeng-Drummer -Bob -Bassit -Boy -Guitarist -Mael -Vocalist 

The other band was form by: -Odeng-Drummer -Boy -Guitarist -Amat -Bassist- -Bear -Vocalist Influences more to Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal like FTG,CROMOK,MAY

Vocalist Bear had to be removed when Kemolorg formally established in 1991, reason due to a wrong concept. Bob took over as a vocalist to replace Bear and the journey begins.Odeng and Boy(movers in bands)start to create songs.In 1992 they had recorded a few songs for a demo(live record)that is guarded by Opie BLOODSHED,but unfortunately the demo tape given to all record company to be released has been rejected and lost. 

In 1994 they were again in the studio to record all the old songs,track by track started with drum for 8 hours(5 songs),Next step is for the other band mate to do their duty but unfortunately problems comes …