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Eternal Fate - Brazil traditional Heavy Metal

The band Eternal Fate, started operations in mid-2001. Averse to fads, its proposal was always playing traditional Heavy Metal. Coming from the city of Itu-São Paulo-Brazil. Has 13 years of history. After a few lineup changes, the band stabilized with:
Luís Domingos – Vocal Tony Fernandes - Guitars Eduardo Moraes - Low Valter Alves - Drums Ed Angelus - Keyboards
His proposal was always playing traditional Heavy Metal, and its theme at the beginning, was to talk about medieval battles, warriors, stories of the Middle Ages, and etc. ..
Over the years, and some formations, his music and his themes were honing and evolving it. Today with the new line, it was realized that there were many bands approaching the medieval theme, and the Eternal Fate then decided to keep talking rather of battles and warriors, but in our culture, and Brazilian history. Thus leading to their music, history and culture warriors Brazil, for the whole world to know.
The band Eternal Fate always had as influences bands:

Tormentress - "Operation Torment" CD/MC Released 21 sept 2014

"INFERNÖ Records is proud to announce the re-release on CD & Cassette of the first full length album the promising all-girl THRASH METAL band from Singapore TORMENTRESS !

Release date is Sept 21th, 2014 ! Includes 12 songs of pure old-school THRASH METAL that will take no prisoner !
Recommended for fans of old KREATOR, SLAYER, early SODOM, early SEPULTURA...
Comes with an 12-page booklet. Available as regular CD & Digipack CD. Cassette version limited to 100 copies !
Get your copy from INFERNÖ Records -"
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TORMENTRESS is an all-female girl band from Singapore, formed back in 2006.
The line-up went finally stable in 2011 around Aniz (Bass), Gwen (Guitars), Tuty (Drums), Mas (Guitars) and Neez (Vocals)
Musically the band is inspired by old-school Thrash bands like Kreator, Sepultura, Sodom, D…

UK melodic hard rockers IN FAITH will release their full lenght debut album "There's A Storm Coming"

UK melodic hard rockers IN FAITH will release their full lenght debut album "There's A Storm Coming", on October 24 worldwide via Rocktopia Records. The album contains 11 tracks, produced & mixed by Pete Newdeck (ex Eden’s Curse, Tainted Nation), co-produced by Tony Marshall (ex Contagious, Pride, Vaughn) and mastered by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem). The new video for the single "Does It Feel Like Love" can be viewed below: The emergence of a new melodic hard rock band from the once thriving scene in the United Kingdom these days represents almost a major achievement considering the massive decline in the quantity of bands now plying their trade in the tried and trusted genre of melodic hard rock. The words “tried and trusted” by no means suggest that IN FAITH are simply a run of the mill, by the numbers type of band. Far from it; IN FAITH are taking the traditional parameters of hard rock and AOR and blending them together in…