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Al Atkins first Judas Priest singer. now May Project

Atkins began his musical career in 1964, singing in a succession of blues rock outfits before forming a band in September 1969, named Judas Priest (named after the Bob Dylan song "The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest"). Featuring a musical direction unrelated to the future metal band, this band lasted until April 1970, developing a small following in Birmingham before splitting up over creative differences.

More noted for forming UK'S 'Judas Priest' anad fronting them for four year and laying down the foundations which would see them eventually selling 40 minllion album world wide. He also wrote sonds for them which went gold like 'Deramer Deceiver','Never Satisfied',Winter','Caviar and Meths' and Priest's all time classics 'Victim of changes'.

As of 2012, Atkins fronts the band Atkins/May Project, which also features guitarist Paul May.  A press release dated 21 May 2011 stated that Atkins would be contributing s…

SPICY BITS OF SCANDAL (SBS) | Melodic/Progressiv Metal from Vilnius

SPICY BITS OF SCANDAL, also known as SBS, history begins in the year 1979, when two guys from Vilnius decided to form a rock band.

In the year 1988 SBS was famous enough to play not only on the Lithuania’s stages but also abroad: in the international festivals in Latvia and after a year in Poland and etc.

1991 was a significant year for the band: virtuoso guitarist Tomas Varnagiris, and the best Lithuanian hard rock vocalist Vitalis Kairiūkštis joined, and the band was on stage again having gigs in the main Lithuania’s cities.

In 1996 SBS released an MC - „Mėnulio Šviesa“.The recording, containing 9 songs. 

 Although after this record the activity of the band was slower because of the economic situation in Lithuania, the band in year 1999 had a big gig in Vilnius “Karolina” club to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SBS.
After a five years pause, in 2005 the band was ready to rock again. This time – specially for the international Lithuanian festival - „Rock Nights –…

Nuclear Strikes Launched Nuclear Strikes Germany.

After thelaunchof fanclubsin IndonesiaandSingapore, Nuclear Strikes Malaysian Heavy Metal with Uriah Scott/Madratts/N.S launched Nuclear Strikes Germany. This organization/page/group mainly to advertise Nuclear Strikes merchandise and to spread their local music within German. This site were managed by Uriah scott known from Oxygen Group (German). Created espesially to german fans to gain infos related to the band. .allNuclear Strikesstuffproduct will bein theGermanmarketsoon. 
Nuclear Strikes Germany

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Claymore | Epic Power Metal Female Fronted from Serbia

Claymore is independent female-fronted epic power metal band from Lazarevac, Serbia.
The band released two albums - “The First Dawn of Sorrow” (2003) and “Lament of Victory” (2013). The music of Claymore can be described as mix of traditional European power metal with epic filmscore influences in the same vein with Manowar, Nightwish, Rhapsody of Fire, Bal-Sagoth, Dragonland and Virgin Steele, just to name a few.
The band was formed in 1994 by its original member Vlad Invictus (guitars and vocals). After many line up changes during the entire decade, the band  finally recorded its debut album “The First Dawn of Sorrow” in 2003, which was released on CD and cassete for a Serbian record label “One Records”. The material itself was raw and homemade, but songs quickly found their way to listeners on a radio show called “Demo express 202”. The song “The Triumph” was among the top three most played songs for several months, but political and economical situation in Serbia was far from good fo…

As The Storm (ATS) | Melodic Metal from France.

As The Storm (ATS) is a metal band from Bordeaux created in 2011.The group is composed of five musicians: Julien Bergé vocals, Alexandre Gourmelen lead guitar, Rémi Klein on rhythm guitar, Corentin Chiron on bass and Lionel Ker drums. As The Storm offers a rich and melodic metal influenced by melodic death, thrash, metalcore, with vocals mixing scream, growl and clear. Alpha, Alpha is As The Storm's first album. Entirely self-produced,mixed and
mastered at Studio Secret Place by David Thiers,in Bordeaux.
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Salvación - Traditional Heavy Metal from North Carolina USA

Salvación began as the brainchild of drummer Carlos Denogean. Eager not only to pay tribute to classic Heavy Metal but to play a part in keeping the tradition alive and vital as well. The band formed in 2009 when childhood friend and guitarist Nicholas Sponsel moved to Wilmington North Carolina with the same ambitions. Enlisting the help of some of the most talented musicians in the area they set out to have their vision realized. Despite lineup changes the core of the group remained and in less than three years self-released two full length albums and played numerous shows with some of the best internationally known Heavy Metal bands. In 2013 they set out on their most ambitious project yet, a concept record inspired by Hernán Cortés and the conquest of Mexico. Identifying with the historical figure’s unwavering conviction for his goal the record is a monument to the band’s steadfast resolution for Heavy Metal. The year 2013 also marked the return of Lead guitarist Da…