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ROCK GODDESS Back on Stage !!

ROCK GODDESS Group Reformation photo of the Original Line-up.Back for some Unfinished Business. L-R Julie Turner, Jody Turner and Tracey Lamb. Photo taken after Live Set Rehearsals on the 27th April 2014.All News and photo take from Tracey Lamb facebook

JUDAS PRIEST new Song, "Redeemer Of Souls" Music Video

This is an excellent way to kick off the week, Judas Priest have released the title track from their summer release, Redeemer Of Souls. It certainly sounds like classic Priest, and a track that fans would immediately recognize as something in the band's catalog. This is the first recording from the band since longtime guitarist KK Downing left and Richie Faulkner joined up with the band. Enough talk, let's get to the music:

Judas Priest's Redeemer of Souls is out July 15 in North America, and either a few days before or after in different parts of the country

Metallic Ass - Indonesia Thrash Metal

Formedin 2008whenvocalistDenizone(Vocals, Bass) metBable(Drum)whileworking togetheratamusicstudio, they both area big fan ofMetallicaandMegadethso they oftendohoursessionatthe studioisnotrented. 

Earlyin 2009, there was a metalcompilationalbumproject. Denizoneveryinterestedto participate inthe compilationprojectthencallDenny(guitar) andKhemal(guitar) to recordthe song "Thrash Metal1983"tobe included inthe compilationalbum. Unfortunately theprojectwas neverrealized, however, theyare air-fourthusagreedto extend thebandlater calledMetallicAss.

On 18June2009MetallicAsslaunchMiniAlbumtitled"Thrash Metal 1983"containsthreesongs: Thrash Metal, 1983, My love istakenawayBajajPulsarandtheLoveMetal. The album wasnotsoldbutsharedfor freeonamusicshow"Rock is NotDeadMagnetic" inYogyakarta. Theyintentionallydistributefreeto introduce yourself andpromote thework ofMetallicAss.

Musicplayed byMetallicAssThrash Metalbasedonmusicthatbegan to emergein the plains ofAmericain resp…

Dead Like Swansea | Arizona Melodic Hardcore

Swansea, Arizona. The silence is absolute. In the once so busy mine city every spark of life is gone. Although the name Dead Like Swansea was inspired by this lifeless place, you can't compare the their music with it. Founded in Germany back in 2009 as a Deathcore project, the band went through the usual changes in setting and style unitl they reached the current cast and genre in 2012. A mixture of Djent and progressive Metalcore provide their music a unique sound. The big diversity of influences, every bandmember comes up with in the songwriting process, leads to a big variety. From djentlike grooves, over heartbreaking melodies up to bone-smashing breakdowns the two guitarists with one bass player and a drummer create a interesting soundbase for the singer of the band, who uses his screams, shouts and growls in perfect harmony to the instrumental music. Since their first gig the band emphasizes a impressive liveshow to give the audience not only a good sound but al…