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Founded on 2010, JAGGED SURGE hails from Bangalore, India and have been prominently performing in their country's festival circuit .They describe their sound as armed with a unique stealth, infused by genres of Classic Hard Rock, Old School Metal and Modern Metal strains.

The band has stated that they are currently working on an EP, to be released later in the year.

Jagged Surge line-up :

Neil -Vocals,
Avy - Guitars, Vocals
Prashanth - Guitars, Vocals
Vishal - Bass,Violin,Vocals
Stan -Drums, Percussion

Official Links :

SOS (Saving Our Soldiers) is an anthemic song, which pays tribute to soldiers and highlights the need for a country towards addressing the apathy of soldiers once they are discharged from the battle lines.

By Hilmi H

Happy New Year 2015

We wish you guys a happy new year,may this year be more exciting and of course rock & roll than before! Thank you for rockin with us through all these years.

 First of all, I, Hilmi H behalf of MB team sincerely apologize for lack of update here at the blog. We're still breathin as usual but we got more less time to focus on the blog now. We wanted to have quality stuff posted in our page so it does takes time. Now, I got the chance to further my study meanwhile Rex are focusing on his side project and  Nuclear Strikes. I listen to one of his stuff already and its fucking rad. Keep updated here or on his page. The most important things is to keep metal & the scene blooming. There still loads of awesome around the world you guys need to knows.

 And we proudly to announce our new collabo with Blackout PR. The one man machine, Rayny Forster. Do check it out his page, he giving us wide range of amazing band and we should post it sooner or later. Also our brother from Poland, Wlo…