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Hazy Hamlet, NWOBHM, Brazillian Metal

When you talk about Brazilian Metal, two trends come in mind: melodic or extreme. HAZY HAMLET, founded in 1999, brings at the time some alternative to old-school heavy metal lovers, being highlighted for the neat independent work. The special care with its releases helps the group to draw attention of specialized press and build a solid reputation - even being based far from any big Metal center.
Three "demo" materials are released before the band's debut, the earlier two selling out quickly and distributed worldwide, and the later one released as downloadable single. During this period HAZY HAMLET plays for a crowd of 5000 headbangers aside the melodic Brazilian act SHAMAN.
The previous works pave the way for HAZY HAMLET's first full-length, FORGING METAL, self-produced and released in 2009. Praises are received worldwide, and FORGING METAL is distributed in USA, Mexico, France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Japan. The album is chosen the best of 2009 by &q…

Iron Spell - Traditional Heavy Metal from Chile

Iron Spell was formed in Santiago, Chile on early 2013.
We started working on material for our 1st record, but during the process we decided to release a demo first, and have it released during the year, and we did. "Heavy Metal Witchcraft" is our debut demo.
main influences are classic Heavy Metal bands: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Motorhead, W.A.S.P., Exciter, Accept & Motley Crue to name a few.
The band is:,FC Steelhammer: Drums,Rocko Van Roman: Bass,Raven: Guitars,Fire Jack: Guitars and Merciless Vocals

This demo will be released in 7" Vinyl by Sweden Label "Burn Records" during February-March 2014, and now they working in new songs to complete the album recording.

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Nuclear Strikes Announce New Singer !!

Nuclear Strikes, Malaysia Heavy Metal Band. Announce a new singer for 2014. 
 she is now replacing Steelgirl Ladyana as a Vocal, Her name is TASYA BLADE.  She is  the new Vocalist of Nuclear Strikes 2014. musiciansstillmaintainedthe originalline up.

From Left DrDeck(Session), Rex Strike(Lead Guitar),Tasya Blade(Vocal),Iron Speed(Drum), 1.2 Kill(2nd lead guitar)

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HAWTHORN - Brazil Melodic Black Metal Female Fronted

Influenced bytheScandinavianbandsHAWTHORNbegan inOctober 2004,in Curitiba-Paraná, in order tomakea symphonicextreme metal, abusingmelodies andvocals. After the release ofTHORNSANDBLOOD(2010), a CD thatgets avikingandsymphonicblack, quitevocalizations, and have agood effect, including beingthrown outof the countrythrough theAmerican labelRECORDSsullen, and after a periodwithveryshows,highlightingthe show withELUVEITIEin Sao Pauloand regionalroundMETALBATTLEin Curitiba, plus a fewmoreshows inBrazil, the bandbegins topromotehis secondCD calledDARKTALES, a much morebrutal andsymphonicCDits predecessor, the CD tells ofbattles andpersonal conflicts.

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Lunar Explosion Power Metal band from Italy.

Lunar Explosion project was born in Vicenza, Italy, in August 2010 from Mattia Sisca (guitar), Paolo Ferraro (guitar) and Raffaele Smaldone (voice) 's minds, who are accompanied by Andrea Grespi (drums) and Riccardo Bortolaso which has been replaced by Sebastiano Zanotto (bass) in 2012.
The band offers a Neoclassical, Progressive, Power Metal, which comes from each member's influences; this genre is full of virtuosities, changes, quick solos and a tecnique with a marked high and charismatic voice.The group writes pieces where keyboard and harpsichord appear, too, by harmonizing phrasings: that's the band's strong point.
Lunar stand out for their live stage presence; their look is commited by clothing, which highlights each members's personality, by assuring an incisive show.

Lunar Explosion have released the official video for the song 'Vasa Warship', taken from the band's self titled debut album, out now on Scarlet Records. The video was f…

Fox N Snakes - São Paulo’s Rock Band

The Rock Band Fox n’ Snakes started its activities in the city of Americana, São
Paulo’s countryside in the year of 2010, by singer and guitarist X (Udson R.M.)
and his partner Pandy (Camila Fernandes) as drummer.
X has played in many bands previously, but had never found his “true sound”.
This changed when he met Pandy and they decided to form a band together.
The name and symbology of the band is a clear reference of the mysticism that
surrounds the band. It’s members has strong connections to mystic subjects and
they see the band as Sacred.
Thus, everything, from the band’s name, lyrics and symbols has a deeper meaning.Mixing the personal influences of each member, in 2012 was released the first
album, titled Sacrifice (being another reference to the exoteric side of the band). The album was recorded, produced and mixed by X in his home studio. Although the basis of the band, X and Pandy, were untouched since its creation, the band had various bassists coming in and out, although …