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GOLDEN SERIES - SOFEA Legendary Malaysian Heavy Metal.

SYJ band originally from the ` Ex - December ' which also established by Syed Yusof Jamalulail ( at that time he was a member of the traffic police in Ipoh ) . It changed to the name ` SYJ ' in 1978 . The original members ` SYJ ' 1978 consists of Halim ( guitar and keyboard) , Fat Man ( bass ) , Pak Su Nor (drums - later replaced by  Din Urko) and Hamidi ( Flute ) . Female singer Rohana Kassim .

SOFEA initially established by the late Syed Yusuf Jamalulail otherwise known as " Pak syed " with SYJ name in 1983 in Kampung Manjoi Ipoh, Perak . During the SYJ just playing weddings homes only. At that time, the original vocalist Amir SYJ'86 not he taken when vocalist audition for this group . Amir joined SYJ in 1985 . Pak Syed 's house when only a jamming studio . SYJ original singer has already retreated away from SYJ .

In 1986 , SYJ'86 has joined the Battle of the Bands competition organized by Ali Bakar . At that time, the manager is Syed Yusuf Jamalulail SYJ . After that , they are also included in the album Battle Of The Bands 1 & 2 with the song Hati Syaitan & Orang timur ( BOTB 1 ) , while the song Mata Sepet & Teruskan to BOTB 2 . After the album was released , Syed Yusuf Jamalulail no longer manage this group as often sparked controversy with the lyrics of the song are 'hot' as Hati Syaitan,Orang Timur & Mata Sepet and because it is time for Amir and ManRani  undertake the responsibilities of a " manager" . In addition, they also sparked controversy with the image of western rock bands such as Motley Crue ' and ' Kiss' .
hus they changed their name to SOFEA .


SOFEA name idea was the brainchild of Man named after Rani 's lover at the time of Julia's cheek . This name appears when the group is currently SYJ van heading to one of their performances . Managers and task group has also taken over by the Man Rani ( bassist & 2nd vocal ) .

In 1987 , they came out with their first album titled BACK . The album contains 10 songs and published by Warnada Pvt. Limited . The album is also used outside musicians ( sessionist ) ie Raymond Lim . At that time, members of the cheek line was turned on the drum position Eduat Nahar replaced because he was involved with some of these problems kesihatan.Sebelum Nahar was playing part-time for SYJ , then after the withdrawal Eduat , they continue to participate SOFEA contact

Nahar .In 1988 , SOFEA who has released an album titled CHILD 2nd LIAR.Album is SOFEA point milestone when he won several awards such as gold platinum discs , best album cover , a good sound system and so on . Line again SOFEA member of Fancy took turns playing guitar replacing Zam position . The album also saw Man Rani has contributed her voice to sing songs slow paced rock the Desert Flower & Deed of Separation is the song " Haunted " thus prized by women rockers rockers - on time thereby, that's when  Man Rani dubbed " Man glamor " Mama Juwie .

In 1989 , Nahar once again serve as the drummer & Fancy still remain in position guitarist for the 3rd album of BONEKA PENTAS. . In most of the songs in this album were created by members SOFEA own . At the end of the song Syurga Di Hujung Jarum features Amir with coalesce Man rani  's voice as singers. carelessly turned the concept and image altogether because of demand recorded song " Bungaku Kerinduan " is the most touching song because this song is dedicated to the first wife Man Rani.In 1990 once again , SOFEA has launched their last album titled MIMPI & AIR MATA .

2011 Sofea back on stage with Loudness, in K.L live center. 
maybe they will record a full album, to continue their struggle. who knows .........

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Pada pertengahan tahun '80an ('86-'88), kumpulan ini menukarkan nama kepada Febians.
Kumpulan ini menyampaikan lagu dalam Bahasa Melayu.
band ini sempat merakamkan beberapa album pada waktu itu    D'Febians (1988) , 1001 Malam (1989) , Satu Antara Sejuta (1991) , Lang Buana (1994)
    dan kompilasi Keunggulan Febians (2007) kumpulan ini berpecah akibat
sesuatu masalah tidak dapat dielakkan. Pusat Studio utama mereka pada masa itu ialah di Johor Bahru.
Syarikat berkenaan telah pun tutup  Selepas berpecah  Nashabandi (vocalist) telah menubuhkan
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