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Nine To Five Attitude - Munich Metalcore

 Nine To Five Attitude is a five piece band with a mixture of Post- Hardcore and Metalcore with their own minds. Founded in 2009 in Wangen/Munich. The five-piece band do not believe in uniformity and combine fine riffs with strong melodies and driving drum beats. On top, there's a strong-voiced frontman, who puts the mix of post-hardcore and technical metal as the finishing touch. Nine to Five Attitude are bringing the mix of "in your face" and melodic parts in their songs. Besides that, the quintet are also being noticeable for live performances as they support bands such as Final Prayer and The Blackout Argument from Germany. And also abroad band like Horse the Band, Madball, This Is Hell, Death Before Dishonor all from the USA and Rolo Tomassi from UK.

Seaside Secrets EP is their first attempt to show their quality and it was released in early August last year.'Seaside Secrets' is about finding yourself and having a mind of one's own. Friends and family are very important to have in your life but it is also important to know who you are, what you want do with your time and life and where you wanted to go. Stating their influences are Architects, Underoath, Oh. Sleeper, August Burns Red and Parkway Drive. This EP tells the story of a person who tries to find out who he/she really is, explained the band. This ep contains 4 tracks including 1 track that has been re-arranged. All 4 songs are under 4 minutes and it does keep it more compact. Each track has a different structure in it such as Land Ahoy is slower tempo in the beginning and faster toward the end. Some of the songs fill with sing along and a lot of layered vocal. They explain deeper why it takes such a long time to release stuff after their first songs called 'Memories'  back to November 2012 which can be listened at their Bandcamp. Long story short, We had several band member changes. Every time we had a couple of songs and searched for a recording studio, a member left and it took time to replace our drummer or singer for example. After that time, the songs we had did not fit with the band anymore as we continued songwriting and developed as a band. So it took us this long term to record and publish 'Seaside Secrets'

  Overall, the band and their debut EP are a good solid product. Good quality in term of recording, strong vocal that infused with clean vocal part and including good melodic guitar work. They have the ingredients that make a good strong band, I hope to see the band with their own identity and build things from this EP in the future. They hope With 'Seaside Secrets' can make them become a name in the scene and cities in Germany and abroad. They love to play live a lot so this is what they try to do at the moment. Play show after show after show. And the band mentioned they are working on some new songs . As soon as they're finished, they wanted to record them and do the first video-release together with a new EP or LP. 

Nine To Five Attitude line-up:

Manu Nachbauer (V)
Denis Akok (G)
Yannick Forstenäusler (G)
Steve Büttner (B)
Hannes Müller (D)

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