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Stealth | Heavy Metal/Hard Rock From Italy

The band name didn't portray what they sound like. STEALTH band giving distorted and powerful riffs alternate with melodic ballads in their songs. Playing Hard Rock / Heavy Metal genre the band leaning more toward pure Hard Rock style. Born in 2007, this 5-piece band coming from Ferrara, Italy was an idea from their drummer and guitarist. Both of them immediately compose songs and lyrics. In 2011 the line-up is finally completed by Andrea Rambelli, Matia Catozzi and Enrico Ghirelli, each coming from previous musical experiences. The band is very dedicated to music and is determined to enter the pro's world.

At the end of 2013, the band release self-produced debut album called "SHORES OF HOPE". Containing 10 tracks including songs from their 2012 demo "Echoes From A Dark Lake Bridge". Enrico Ghirelli, the vocalists gives you a little taste of Italian accent in their song. Both of the guitarists give good guitar composition and solo riff. Bass guitar in this album is good especially in Nuclear Warfare. The good quality of recording and mixing not shadowing the well played drum part by Marcello Danieli. Track title such as Guns! Guns! Guns!, Ozone Fades, Uhlans 1915 and other songs showing more hints about the whole album content. Overall, their debut album is a good stuff and hoping more exciting tunes on their next album.

They made the album from 2011 until the end of 2012 and when it recorded in the summer of 2013. Stating the most challenging part was the mix to find the right balance between the distorted riffs and melody of the ballads. Furthermore, the vocalists stating the mix of sounds and influences that they have been able to convey in every single song is the strong point of the album. Each of the 10 songs has its own soul and personality but it binds to the other. In the future, Stealth is looking for someone who wants to promote the album outside of Italy and in the meantime they are already writing for the second album. Finally, they are ready to hit the road and find more gigs around Europe.

You can listen to the whole album at sound cloud. If you interested in their music go purchase the CD on their website and for more info.

STEALTH line-up:
Enrico Ghirelli - Vocals
Luca Occhi - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Matia Catozzi - Guitars
Andrea Rambelli - Bass and Backing Vocals
Marcello Danieli - Drums

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