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U.D.O. Possibility Of Reunion With ACCEPT

Udo Dirkschneider interivew pic 5 Exclusive Interview with Udo Dirkschneider (Vocals) (UDO, Accept)
Mark Dean of Myglobalmind webzine recently conducted an interview with former ACCEPT and current U.D.O. frontman Udo Dirkschneider. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Myglobalmind: You are about to release a new album, "Steelhammer", which is the first not to feature [guitarist] Stefan Kaufmann.

Udo: Yes, that is correct. The problem was he is a very busy man. He did a recording with [another artist], which took three months, and also played on tour. I think then that the problem was he wanted to move his studio back to his hometown. He didn't want to be involved in the composing and songwriting this time on this album. We had a problem then, at the beginning of this year. He was getting more and more work touring, etc., and he said that he wouldn't have as much time to do this. Then he said that he was out of the band. He did offer to come and help us out if there was any problem and we needed him.

Myglobalmind: That must have been very difficult, personally as well as professionally for you. Stefan has worked with you for a long time, going back to ACCEPT?

Udo: Yes, we have been working together for a very long time now I do everything with Fitty [Wienhold], who is my bass player. We wrote some songs together for the new album and they came out well. He also has a studio where we are living, we produced the album together. In the end, I think that it worked out very well.

Myglobalmind: There are many bands of the Eighties which have reformed and reunited in recent years. Is [a reunion with ACCEPT] something that you have ever been approached about doing, is it something that would interest you?

Udo: That's a very long story. Of course, I have certainly been asked. Unfortunately, Wolf [Hoffmann, ACCEPT guitarist] is telling everybody that he has never been in touch with me, though I can show you tons of e-mails. I have been asked about rejoining for a reunion and didn't directly say no. I did it already once and there was a lot of shit [that] happened. I then said, "OK, guys, if I do this, then I want to have this and this." Wolf then said that he didn't want to do it, so I said "Goodbye. Thank you very much and good luck." [laughs]

Myglobalmind: Do you then prefer to focus on U.D.O., and the future for that band rather than looking back to your legacy with ACCEPT?

Udo: Yes. The problem is if I did ACCEPT again and it doesn't work… then there was an issue regarding the name with Wolf. He was stealing the name in the Eighties. He was also doing interviews to promote "Blood Of Nations" and talking so many bad things about me with so many lies. I don't know why he did that. However, that is history now.

Myglobalmind: How do you maintain your energy, particularly on stage?

Udo: Many people ask me that, I try to live healthily as possible. I do nothing special, exercise-wise or whatever. I walk a lot, and in the summertime I do a lot of swimming and running. The shows are fun for me to do and I like to be on tour and that also keeps you fresh.

Read the entire interview from Myglobalmind webzine.

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