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Antonello Giliberto "Journey Through My Memory" Album, Sicilian Guitar Shredder.

Antonello Giliberto - Guitar and Keyboard

Here's what Antonello has to say about the album:

I began work on Journey Through My Memory in September 2013, when by chance I was watching Frances Ford Coppola’s Dracula, which gave me the inspiration to write the album’s first track, Demeter (the name of the ship on which Dracula arrives in England.) From there I started down the path of writing through to July 2014, when I finished the track that closes the album, The Art of Ending.

I do a lot of driving, so the ideas for many of my songs come to me in the car, or perhaps after a dream.  The first thing I do is record the melody on my smartphone, and then I slowly develop them in my recording studio.

The title of the album stems from the fact that every track is in some way about me, about my past, about how my past experiences creatively explode into music.

For this album I had in mind a symphonic metal sound, and so I included in each track some epic orchestral parts.  I am a huge fan of soundtracks, especially those made for historical fantasy films, and I think this influence is evident on the album.

Each song has a memorable melody, and I try to infuse emotion through the orchestral arrangements.  Naturally, that aspect of virtuosity can’t be forgotten, but everything is always in the service of the song, as they say.

For Journey I wanted to improve the quality exponentially in relation to my first album The Mansion of Lost Souls, on which I played all of the instruments.  And so I started to look around because I knew I could find a better drummer and bassist.  I sent a few demos to some famous drummers, and I received some positive feedback from the great John Macaluso (whom I knew from his work with Malmsteen) who agreed to play drums on the album.


Antonello Giliberto - Guitar and keyboards

Dino Fiorenza - Bass

John Macaluso - Drums

L-R : Dino Fiorenza, John Macalusco & Antonello Giliberto


Tell us how three of you guys meet & wanted to start the album together? The process of making songs in this album between three of you?
I had finished composing the songs for the new album in July 2014, and I was already looking around for the exceptional musicians to begin recording. A job that took me a while 'for weeks! You know, when you're an underground artist is not easy to involve great musicians ... there is always a bit 'of confusion on their part, but fortunately it was not my case!

John Macaluso I met him quite by chance! It was the period when I was sending demos to many, many drummers of great fame, and although many have given me positive opinions, I was hesitant because there were compromises "logistics" to accept, or not be present at the registration as a drummer could be in Germany than in the United States. John was the only really interested in being involved in the recordings, to the point of coming to Syracuse in order to cooperate! One thing I really appreciated! Put that also played with my idols like Malmsteen and Symphony X, so it was easy!

The most important thing is that you do not have to set anything, quite the contrary, they are made available are driven by my vision and never being overwhelming. Of course are the virtuous, so I gave them the space they deserve, and I tried to squeeze the maximum! Throughout the album you will notice a democratic presence of three musicians who try to give their best for the success of the songs! With John we spent four days exceptional side by side, and I can say with certainty that it is a professional fussy and perfectionist! Dino is a force of nature, a great virtuoso with a sense of humor out of the ordinary, I want to thank publicly because he helped me so much!

What can the fans expect from the new album?
Surely fans expect good music! I think they will find not only the fanatics of the guitar, but also the simple listeners will find some good songs!

The hard part making this album & songs?
Not particularly! I made the demos very accurate and I was more than ready to record. There are some parts, extreme, but what I wanted underline is the song format. The album remains a shred album!

As a guitarist, who & what inspires you the most?
I have always been very attracted to the melody, then I'm fascinated by classical music, and baroque, especially.
I really like the guitarists who use the technique to move and not only to race on the handle. To me it can inspire all, but usually I compose when I travel or when I have a dream ..

Your hope from this album & words to the fan out there?
I naturally hope to reach as many people as possible with my music, and to be able to play live as much as possible! I'm working on that!Thank you very much for the visibility that you give me, and keep on shred!

What I can say about this album is it really good in all aspects. Each song has its own story and different from each other in term of sound itself. Antonello did a great job on this album, his touch really raises the bar for this kind of music these days. Not just fantastic on the guitar, Antonello composes the songs with knowledge and skills. This album isn't just another all out guitar shredding but with a touch of orchestral and mixture of metal. You barely able to skip that amazing bass on each track. Drum and bass work doesn't sink by Antonello's guitar, the presence of these two is noticeable because of how they play are nicely blended in every song. I can't wait with what this trio in store for us in the future. Make sure to check them out!

''This 10 track album of diverse neo-classical metal with a touch of guitar shredding and  mixture of exquisite orchestral element does take you through a journey.''

The realization of the album was attended by the great John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, Symphony X, ARK, TNT, James LaBrie, Riot, Jennifer Batten, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Union Radio, Joe Lynn Turner, Uli Jon Roth, George Lynch and many others), who played all the drum tracks, and the virtuoso Dino Fiorenza (Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Slash, Zack Wilde, Yngwie Malmsteen, and many others), its all the bass parts.

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Official links:


Demeter Official Video.

First Day Lights At The Monastery Official Video.

By Hilmi H

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